A little about Las2mexicanas

         Hi everyone welcome to my blog, where I will share what I am most passionate about from delicious recipes to travel tips and the reason why I opened up my own shop.  

                                           ( Ferry trip to Isla Mujeres in 2018)  



    My name is Jessica, a Mexican-American first generation women the one behind Las2Mexicans my pride and joy.I was born in Santa Barbara , California but moved to Texas at the age of 6 . I married at the age of 18 and moved to Mexico after living almost  my entire life in Texas but it was the best risk I have ever taken. I am the mother of 3 kids, a boy and 2 girls the ones who motivate me to never give up.  I ended up moving back to the US 4 years ago  and after this  I decided that it was time  to open up my own business in 2016 . With the encouraging words and support of my husband that I receive daily and coming from a family that owns their own business and have always been a merchant including my husband and his family, I guess it is in my blood to endure into this venture. I knew that it had to be what was most meaningful to me, what I was truly passionate about and what would inspire me more then ever to travel Mexico and meet new traditions the delicious gastronomy and its natural landscapes. I also wanted to help others with their business and what better way then to work hand and hand with the roots of Mexico their people, indigenous people.


                         ( Trip to Chichen Itza with my family in 2016) 

                            ( Border of Chiapas and Guatemala in 2017 husband in the back)


     My mission, is to bring a little part of Mexico to your home, either it be in the kitchen, bedroom or your wardrobe to inspire you to go out and meet every corner of Mexico. I enjoy doing this because I get to travel Mexico with meaning, experience each town and village with an open heart because Las2Mexicans is there. But my main goal is to help and teach the world about indigenous artisanal people and their work help them with their business and encourage them to keep going. I feel like they work so hard and have so much value and sometimes tend to be forgotten, and I want to share that side of Mexico and inspire you to go to Mexico and try their many delicious drinks, meals, landscape and most importantly its history, the real Mexico. 


                                            (Trip to Queretaro in 2018)


    Las2Mexicanas focuses on pure artisanal merchandise and directly bought from the maker, I love  buying directly from them because I get to learn a little more about the beauty and work behind each item I bring for my clientele. I hand pick every item that I love and hope you will too….



                                                   (Chiapas trip 2018)


     Who is Las2Mexicanas? I named it in honor of my two daughters. I want to remind them that us women can do it all. As a women I know how hard it can be to achieve your goals, but I just want to be a role model  and show them that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. To never forget where they come from where their roots stand strong even if they are second generation. Porque somos Mexicanas Chingonas, Las2Mexicanas is more then just a name its who I am and what I represent. 



                                                     ( photoshoot  2018)

      I can’t wait to share my passion and go beyond into this new journey I am about to embark with you all, from Las2Mexicanas and my family we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

                                           (Chiapas trip 2018)      
A Special Thank You to my sister for helping me write  the blog Cynthia Gutierrez